Bye Bye Grey Days!! Rita Hazan~Root Concealer

Hello Gorgeous Gals,

Let me confess…I colour my hair!!

What started years ago as a fun teenager thing, became a way to change my look through different life stages and has now become a necessity due to my refusal to accept Mother Nature’s gift of silver…. Silver as in grey hair!! I colour my hair regularly at a salon and due to my own laziness of not booking my next appointment ASAP (it’s now booked) I’ll be way overdue for a colour. Why yes, it could be done at home  (spent years doing that)  but I much prefer having someone else do it for me for now.  OK Back to the ROOTS, what’s a girl to do with them until my appointment?

It has to be covered up effortlessly. I have tried several types that were easy, but were wet and left the hair crunchy afterwards.  I wanted a dry version and found it in the Rita Hazan Root Concealer $24US  On a recent back to school shopping trip for the kids (we shopped on the USA side)  I just had to stop in at the local Sephora. This is when I saw the root concealer in stock and 5 shades available, I use the light brown. They had testers so I sprayed a bit on the back of the hand to see the shades. This is what I wanted and the best grey root fixer I have used so far! NOTE:  This product is created to cover grey roots, trying to use the blonde version to hide dark regrowth will leave you disappointed as that’s not what this is made for.

how to use: Dry and style your hair, then shake the can before you use it.  Spray roots from about 4-6 inches away in a light stream. (narrow nozzle so it doesn’t spray like a hair spray) If you are too close you may find it is wetter than you’d like. No worries, leave it to dry and know for next time to not spray so close. Root Concealer is water/ sweat-resistant and won’t stain the face, clothing or bed linens.

The price at $24US may not be easy for every ones wallet for a 1 oz. spray can, but it’s perfect for travel, especially if you are due for a colour during your vacation.  I do wish they made a larger version as well, but considering you only use on grey areas that show after styling and not the whole head, it balances out in the end. Plus it may save you $$ if it extends time between hair colour appointments.

**The only downside: I can’t get this item at my Canadian local Sephora and nor do they ship it to Canada, so disappointing.  Now I have to wait until my next cross border shopping trip to get more : (

Ciao Bellas

Until Next Time ~ Melody xo



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